A web design and the demand for its use, are usually very different form customer to costumer. I stripe to make unique web solutions for each client, where design, functionality and animation level are adjusted after your wishes.

In close cooperation with the client I will design, program and implement any web solution, which I completely build after the client's needs and demands. Its normally the needs and demands that sets the timeframe for the job, and thereby also the price.
I offer all forms of web solutions, both single elements, such as commercial banners, campaign sites ect., and full websites with database control, CMS implementation, user login etc., full websites build with flash animations,
mobile compatible web solutions etc.

The subject and the product line within web design, can be confusing for a client, so the easiest is to contact me and get a dialog started, that way you can get guidance, advise and get a overview at your business and client/customer situations, and get your needs mapped, this is of course free and without obligations.