I use database and its functions largely, both for component control, but also for the creation and organization of users or products databases. Under the subject of element control, then it is the possibility for the costumer to change or correct content of the website, this is often referred to as a CMSystem or just CMS. I do not use a readymade CMSystem because I believe that it imposes restrictions on the design possibilities even before the website has left the planning stage. To avoid this and still offer the possibility of CMS management, I use PHP and SQL database storage.

It is incredibly important to know from the start if you want to edit the contents of a web solution. It is possible to make CMSystem's which can replace individual blocks of text and images, also entirely change the look of the website using functions such as themes, replacement of font types, colors, shapes, etc. So it is an important consideration to think through and then discuss it with me.

If you have any questions or just need advice, feel free to contact me, this is of course free and without obligation.